The Ojas Trust

No: 1, First Floor, North Mada Street,

Srinagar Colony,Saidapet,

Chennai - 600 015

Tamilnadu, INDIA

Mobile: +91 98840 36200



On behalf of all our beneficiaries please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your donation of Groceries (Sugar 100 kgs, Oil 50 kgs, Tamarind 25 kgs, Pepper 5 kgs, Mustard 5 kgs, Jeera 5 kgs). Dosa Tawa, Aluminium Vessels, Jet Motor for the rehabilitation of elders. In this context of our endeavor...

E.J.Paul, Little Drops Charitable Trust
Jun 09, 2015

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Mobile: +91 98840 36200



Address: No: 1, First Floor, North Mada Street,Srinagar Colony,Saidapet, Chennai - 600 015

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