There is a mixture of culture at The Ojas. Founded by youngsters, given shape by middle-aged energy bundles, further moulded by wiser people and sustained by multiples from different corners of the globe – The Team is an excellent assortment of talent, energy, strength and faith! The effective team magnifies the accomplishments of individuals and enables the Trust to reach out to deserving strata of the society. For the team to be effective is both profoundly simple and difficult at the same time. The factors that affect success in team work occur both within the team itself and in the work environment in which the team functions. However, we understand the objectives of the Trust and are committed single-mindedly in attaining them. This clear direction and agreement is essential and works as a motivating factor to participate in many more projects to come.  At The Ojas - Creativity, innovation, and different viewpoints are expected and encouraged. The team has agreed upon procedures for diagnosing, analysing, and resolving project problems and conflicts. It is a given that everyone work towards mutual resolution.


The Ojas does not raise funds for itself. We act as catalysts - only connecting dots to dots, between people who want to make a contribution and those who need that contribution. Our teams of representatives personally visit organisations, conduct periodic surveys and ensure its credibility – so that, you can come forward, make a contribution and be rest assured that it has reached the right place!


We acknowledge with thanks your kind gift of 1000 bedsheets to the Cancer Institute (WIA). May I also add my own personal sense of thanks for your consideration and continued support.

Dr.V.Shanta, Chairman, Cancer Institute (WIA)
Jun 09, 2015

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