The Ojas is a registered not-for-profit Educational & Charitable Trust. What started out to be just between a pair of hands, the right not knowing what the left does - The Ojas rolled out to welcome more such hands that wanted to do more, be anonymous albeit be the doer. It was envisioned to serve as a link between NGO’s and people willing to reach out. The Ojas started working for the sustainability of NGOs by increasing their access to donors, resources, and skills.  The Ojas has been working towards integrating people and their services in an attempt to consciously move from welfare towards development and eventually empowerment. At The Ojas, we believe that no intervention can be successful unless the implementing organization has sustainable resources to work over a longer period of time. By presenting means to resources from diverse sources, we hope to play our part in creating a better world. After 18 years of consistent work in groups and in individual capabilities, The Ojas was a registered as an Educational & Charitable Trust in July 2010.

We undertake time-bound projects through the year – splitting our work into charitable, educational and other activities. The Blood Donation project is one of the most sought out one, since the demand for blood donors flow through the year. The Ojas works tirelessly 24x7 to connect the donors to the patients. The Sishu-Vidya project of educating children also runs through the year. After scrutiny, the children become eligible for scholarships under The Ojas. Close follow up is done after the payment of the fees. The Charity-based projects also run seamlessly through the year giving scope to integrating people and their needs.


With deep love and gratitude we thank you very much for the groceries, medicines and bedsheets that you have given to us. Thank you for your good cooperation and special care for our institution. Once again I extend my heartfelt thanks for your valuable gifts. May God Bless you.

Sr. Tryphosa, Hospice for Cancer Patients
Jun 09, 2015

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