An important part of our growth happens when people contribute to the greater good. Being part of something greater than ourselves is motivation to strive for larger goals of life. While ?making the world a better place? often calls to mind images of great leaders at the head of mighty social movements, white-coated researchers developing new medicines or energy sources, geniuses dreaming up theories that explain the world around us, there is plenty of room for less lofty acts that create small measures of happiness in the lives of those around us. Little gestures can create our sense of community. It can strengthen our dormant thoughts on service. It can lighten our burdens for just a moment and give us something to smile about. And that?s no small matter.

The Ojas was envisioned to serve as a link between NGOs and people willing to reach out.  After 18 years of resilient work in groups and in individual capabilities, The Ojas was registered as an Educational and Charitable Trust in July 2010.  The Trust is clearly a platform for you to donate or connect directly to support a cause of your choice from our scope of activities. There are time-bound projects that happen all year-round and need constant attention! It's time to connect...and be the change you always wanted to see!


On behalf of the entire team of CRRT, I wish to thank your organization for the very generous contribution you have made to our trust. I have heard a lot about the good work you extend to one and all and your donation to our trust will enable our doctors to reach out and help needy cancer patients.

Cancer Research & Relief Trust, Kottur, Chenna
Jun 09, 2015

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